About Us: The Cattery Company

(formally known as “Cat Boarding Collingwood”)

Care Focused Cattery Expertise

At The Cattery Company we care exclusively for cats with an expertise that only comes with 10+ years experience in the industry.

In 2006 we opened our purpose-built cattery as “Cat Boarding Collingwood” with a clear vision for the kind of individualised care philosophy and service we believe cats and cat owners should expect. Since that time we have worked tirelessly to continually refine and develop a harmonious and sophisticated cattery environment that we believe is second to none

In 2015, we re-branded to become The Cattery Company – with a more contemporary image and logo design. We are still under the same ownership and we still provide the highest levels of care and attention for your cat available in metropolitan Melbourne.

At The Cattery Company we have taken the time to bring together a Cattery Care Team of dedicated and caring individuals with years of vet-trained experience.

Our staff are in attendance all day, every day 365 days a year from 8am – 6pm. This high level of attendance is combined with the added assurance of a Caretaker in Residence – meaning that we really get to know your cat, and your cat really gets to know and trust us. It also means that you can pick-up, drop-off and visit with your cat at a time that works for you (within operating hours).

Our cattery is purpose-designed and built with free-standing, multi-level enclosures in a fully air-conditioned environment. There are also multiple spaces for cat-napping and playtime. This cattery environment and our unique care philosophy were developed in consultation with respected Animal Behaviour Clinician, Dr Robert J Holmes.

Why choose us for boarding your cat?

We understand that there are many factors to consider when choosing a cattery. It is a huge decision for informed and responsible pet owners to make. See our Frequently Asked Cattery Questions for more details about us, and our cat care philosophy.

For first time cattery users, our guide to Choosing a Cattery outlines some things you may want to know, and questions to ask of catteries that you are considering for your cat.

We welcome cattery inspections so we encourage you to make an appointment for an inspection by calling all 03 9486 0863 and book a time to visit with us at our secure, discreet inner-city cattery.