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Your feedback is what lets us know we’re doing all we can to provide your cat with the highest level of quality cat care available in Melbourne.

Testimonials from vets* who recommend us to their customers:

…I have found The Cattery Company to be an honest, ethical and entirely competent operation. I hear great feedback from so many clients…

– Dr. Angus Reynolds, Veterinarian.


We have been in practice more than forty years…this is where we choose to board our own cats. Need I say more?

– Kerrie Sandford, Clifton Hill Veterinary Clinic.


The Cattery Care Team has a huge following. I have never heard anything but positive reports…All of my clients remark that The Cattery Company is a cleverly constructed cattery, they are super happy…This appears to be a truly outstanding facility…

– Dr. C. H. Chaing, Coburg Veterinary Clinic.


…They have earned their reputation through consistently providing a high standard of genuine, uncompromised care…
– Gina Cimati, Brunswick Road Veterinary Clinic.

*NOTE: Please be aware that strictly no arrangements or agreements for payment have been undertaken between the Veterinary Practices listed above and The Cattery Company in the obtaining and publication of testimonials. We stress that the Veterinary Practices included in our list of testimonials and throughout our website in absolutely no way what so ever exclusively endorse The Cattery Company. We strongly recommend that you consult with your own vet when choosing a cattery and ask them if they have a commercial interest in the facility that they are recommending.

Testimonials from our customers:

…I would like to thank you for the truly professional level of ongoing service that you provide both Clyde and myself with, and I certainly will be continuing to recommend you guys as the best in Melbourne, by far. Clyde always seems to want to go back to the cattery when he gets home…

– Zac B – Hawthorn


…Loved the arrangements for my visiting Greyling during her long-term stay…she appeared to be enjoying the lap of luxury…

– Leigh Swancott – Caulfield


…Thank you for looking after Dodie & Adsum so well and especially for attending to Dodie’s medical needs. I was able to enjoy my holiday knowing the boys were in such good hands…

– Kate Gligoritsch – Kew


..Kiko has been at other catteries, but after a 3 month stay we knew we’d found her home away from home…being able to make frequent visits as we relocated from interstate was fantastic. The open approach with which the cattery is run really won our confidence…

– Brigid & Neal Griffin – West Preston


…Max is now happily settled in at home, after obviously being beautifully cared for during the past two months.  He is never more than a few steps away from me, and just wants to be cuddled, a trait that I’m sure you noticed during his time with you!…Thank you for all your kindness and excellent care of Max. It is nice to be able to go away knowing he is happy and in good hands…Til next time!…

– Judith Perry – Fitzroy


My cat Mishka has to spend a fair amount of time in ‘boarding school’ as I need to be away a bit for work. I know that he is happy and content with the loving care and attention of the team here. This makes it easier for me to be away – knowing that he is lovingly cared for and safe in his home away from home.

– Linda Jones – Clifton Hill


I’ve been taking my cats, Milly & Possum to The Cattery Company ever since it first opened. It’s Milly & Possum’s home away from home to the point where there are often great protestations from them for having to leave when I come to collect them! Grant and his staff have a genuine love for cats and this really shows in the standard of care that the cat’s receive…We can go away on holiday knowing that our cats will be safe, secure & well-cared for until our return…I would recommend them to anyone…

– Bill & Jill Reid – Pascoe Vale South


I travel regularly for work and was happy to have found The Cattery Company for my cat, Bianca, when I moved to Melbourne a few years ago. I love the calm atmosphere and the way that I am encouraged to help her settle so that dropping her off is not stressful for either of us. The team cater to the individual personalities of their boarders and I feel confident that she is in safe hands while I am away. Bianca is not the easiest of cats to care for so I am pleased that she has bonded with the staff and sometimes even other cats!

– Viv Newton – South Yarra


Thank you for always taking such special care of Galaxy when I travel…The Cattery Company is a very professional cattery – the staff are friendly and the opening hours are really convenient. Whenever I pick Galaxy up he is always relaxed, well-groomed and spoilt. Highly recommended.

– Lorainne Ludewigs – Collingwood


I’ve been taking my cats to Grant and his team for four years now. I can’t speak highly enough of the care and attention they receive in a clean and very pleasant environment. As older cats with significant health issues, they require various medications and the best food.  Nothing is too much trouble for the team at The Cattery Company, in fact, some of my cat’s health issues have been identified because of their expertise. For stress free care of your feline friends, I’d recommend Grant and his team!

– Robyn Adams – Abbotsford


Robie has had annual holidays at The Cattery Company for the last few years, for up to a month at a time.  We enjoy taking him in, meeting his fellow vacationers, and seeing what is new in the facility.  We are always struck by how calm and quiet all the inhabitants are. Robie always returns to us relaxed and happy. Having a safe, accessible and thoughtful solution for cat boarding is much appreciated by Robie and his family

– David & Sharon Templeman – Ivanhoe


Since The Cattery Company opened, I have been leaving my cat, Tom, with them and I have always been very happy with the care that they have given. The combination of friendly & experienced staff, clean & warm facilities and staffing throughout the day, is why I keep taking my cat to stay with them. Deservedly a 5 star cattery!

– Jeff Wong – St Kilda


I am always totally confident that my little cat Blossom will be well looked after and that she will be happy during her stay. She is always relaxed when I leave her and very contented when I return to collect her. I am sure that she receives the best of care – including lots of pats and cuddles…I am always impressed that all the cats seem very relaxed when I visit, and that the cattery itself is very clean, warm and comfortable…I am happy to recommend The Cattery Company to anyone who is looking for a safe and happy environment to board their cat…

– Gabrielle Keating – Carlton

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