What are the fees at The Cattery Company?

A minimum of two members of our experienced and dedicated care team are in attendance at The Cattery Company
from 8am – 6pm every day. In addition to this we offer the unique service of a caretaker in residence at the cattery 24/7.

This high level of quality care is provided at very competitive and reasonable boarding fees:

  • $25 per day for 1 cat
  • $40 per day for 2 cats in shared enclosure
  • $60 per day for 3 cats in shared enclosure
  • $30 per day for diabetics

*Price subject to change without notice.

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Why should I choose The Cattery Company in preference to another cattery?

At The Cattery Company we care exclusively for cats.

We have taken the time to bring together a specialised cattery care team with years of vet-trained experience. This team offers exceptional customer service in a harmonious and sophisticated purpose-built cattery that is second to none.

We are of the opinion that the majority of cat boarding facilities are operated by people of high integrity with a genuine desire to care for your cat. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Take the time to make sure and choose carefully. Suggestions for questions to ask when inspecting a cattery can be found towards the end of this page.

We recommend that you inspect a number of catteries and cat boarding facilities before choosing a cattery. It is an important choice for you to make and it should be a well-informed decision. Contact us on 03 9486 0863 to book an inspection today.

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My cat is very shy and unused to other cats will she be okay?

Our Cattery Care Team have years of experience in cat care. We are very attentive to the unique temperaments and level of acclimatisation of each cat in our care.

We invest a lot of energy in placing cats in a formation of separate enclosures, which provide each cat with an individually appropriate sense of security and opportunity for socialisation.

Our emphasis is on assisting cats to overcome their natural sense of vulnerability in their new environment as soon as possible. We use products such as Feliway atomisers in the cattery to help promote calm and security.

Most importantly, we understand that cats like to do things in their own time. Our approach with shy cats is one of patience and very gentle encouragement.

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My cat is on medication, is that okay?

Given our years of experience in providing high quality care to cats at all levels of health we are able to administer feline medications with compassion, responsibility and meticulous diligence.

Our cattery offers generous daily opening hours and a caretaker in residence 24/7. Because of our unique service we are able to cater to cats that require strict medication regimens. Round the clock attendance is particularly important for diabetic cats as they require insulin at precise 12 hourly intervals*. Catteries or cat kennels with more limited hours or those that are closed on weekends and public holidays cannot provide this same assurance.

Due to our constant attendance we are able to closely monitor changes in your cat’s health and their response to veterinary treatment. We also inspect your cat’s faeces and urination as part of frequent litter box cleaning – completed after every time the litter box is used throughout the day.

*We do not look after Diabetics who are on Caninsulin.

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Do you provide long term cat boarding?

Your cat may require long-term cat boarding for many reasons; home renovations, interstate or overseas relocations, hospital stays and travel. We cater to these needs with a philosophy of care specific to cats experiencing an extended separation from their home environment and their family.

You are welcome to visit with your cat/s and spend time with them in our cosy cattery lounge area – a home-away-from home experience for both the cats and their family.

The Cattery Company has easy wheelchair access.

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What are the cattery enclosures like?

They are spacious and large enough to create a cosy home away from home.

Our clients bring everything from scratching posts to deck chairs to oversize wicker laundry baskets in with their cats. These items are easily accommodated in our custom-made, multi-level enclosures.

Our enclosures meet and exceed by at least +30% the required size specifications detailed in the Code of Practice.

Importantly, each cattery enclosure is completely separate from those surrounding it.  No common walls mean that we can put comfortable space between each cat. This eliminates the sense of threat that cats can often experience in catteries where they are separated by only a sheet of mesh wire.

A significantly unique feature of our cattery enclosures is that each level is raised off the floor. There are no concrete bottom ‘levels’. Nor are there slats for floor levels – ensuring a sense of security for your cat. These design elements create a uniformly warm and sophisticated comfort in the enclosures.

The sophistication of our enclosure design follows through into the way in which they are maintained and cleaned – individually and by hand.  In doing this we avoid the crude practice of wholesale cold water ‘hosing out’ of enclosures, a practice perhaps suitable in agriculture but definitely not in inner-city cat-exclusive care!

As you may know, most cats don’t like excessive amounts of water in their environment, and there is no need for it.

A further careful aspect of our enclosure design is the way in which the litter trays are positioned in an alternating configuration so as to provide maximal distance between one cat’s litter and the adjacent cat’s personal space for sleeping, eating and playing. Note also that all litter trays are completely cleaned after they are used – several times a day.

The best way to get a real sense of these unique cattery design features is to come in and inspect our premises.  You are welcome to contact us on 03 9486 0863 and make an appointment for an inspection.

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What will you feed my cat/s?

Ideally, we aim to replicate at the cattery what they are fed at home. We use varieties of Royal Canin; it’s our preferred brand because we find that it gets results.

This food is supplemented with fresh meat, chicken and seafood to provide variety. In addition we use Paws Probiotics – a fantastic product for ensuring intestinal health.

We also stock a wide range of quality tinned food and a stack of treats and snacks. You are welcome to bring in your cat’s own food if you choose.

Please note, we do not sell any food products at The Cattery Company. We choose the brands we do because they work and subsequently our Cattery Care Team have no problem endorsing them. Your vet will stock most of these products.

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Is The Cattery Company air-conditioned?

Climate control is a priority in our cat care philosophy. The Cattery Company is a professional facility and consequently our air conditioning is a clinical/industrial system, not a domestic one.

The internal temperature of the cattery is maintained at 24 degrees, 24 hours per day. That’s fresh air, which is filtered to remove dust and contaminants, then cooled or heated.

Humidity is pre-set to 65% – ideal for cats! Air change volume rated in excess of ten times per hour by volume. It would take an air conditioning engineer to design this…and they did.

Thermostatically controlled heat pads are also available – particularly useful for assisting elderly, diabetic and certain breeds of cats to stay comfortable.

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What about playtime and exercise?

We have a large playground complete with tunnels, Funky Cat scratching posts, couches, throw rugs and HEAPS of toys.

Cats are generally brought out to play on a staggered basis, either individually or in their family group. The amount of time spent roaming and playing for each cat is determined by their individual needs and level of confidence. This level of confidence in turn governs how independently or guided each playtime experience will be.

We engage in this practice of individual play time for the benefit of your cat. It is in keeping with basic common sense and what we have found to work in our considerable experience.

A number of catteries still engage in a group exercise or playtime strategy with cats in their care. As you can imagine, this is problematic and exposes cats to completely unnecessary physical risk and stress.

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Is there someone with the cats at all times?

We have a minimum of two cattery staff working each day during our opening hours of 8am – 6pm. We also provide you with the additional peace of mind of a caretaker in residence at the cattery 24/7.

Put simply, more staff for more hours means your cat receives the individual attention they deserve.

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When can I drop off and pick up my cat?

The Cattery Company is open from 8am – 6pm everyday of the week and everyday of the year with the exception of Christmas Day. This means that we offer exceptional flexibility and convenience to our clients. They are able to drop off and pick up their cats at a time that suits them – before or after work, in transit to or from the airport and right across long weekends and public holidays.

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Is there anything that I should bring in with my cat?

See the Cattery Visitor Checklist for what you should do for your cat when they are coming to stay with us.

Current vaccination certificates are required before we are able to check-in any cat and you can bring those in either when you inspect or when your cat comes to stay. An isolation room (separate air in and out) is available for kittens not fully vaccinated.

The more objects from home that you are able to bring in for your cat’s stay the better. We strongly recommend that you bring a t-shirt, jumper or pillowcase with your scent on it. This will have a very calming effect and really ease the transition from your place to ours.

Toys, scratching posts, baskets, beds and igloos all contribute to a sense of security and assurance for your cat. Please also remember to bring any special diet foods, clearly labelled medications and grooming items.

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When can I come in for an inspection?

We welcome cattery inspections  and recommend that you visit a number of catteries or cat kennels to make a confident and informed choice in where you will leave your cat. It is important to take the time to meet with the people who will care for your cat and ask any questions that you may have about the cattery and the care philosophy with which it is run. Read our list of questions to ask when choosing a cattery.

To ensure that we can offer you our full attention when you make your inspection it is advisable to call ahead.
Contact us on 03 9486 0863 to make an appointment with a member of our Cattery Care Team.

Our preferred inspection times are between 12pm – 3pm, 7 days a week, but we are flexible to your schedule.

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Wouldn’t my cat be better off in a boarding facility with larger, outdoor run-style enclosures further out of town?

This is entirely up to you. At The Cattery Company we provide luxury care for cats from all kinds of housing arrangements. The trend toward inner-city cat boarding is clear in the increasing number of catteries opening within a 10km radius of the Melbourne CBD.

A growing number of our clients live in apartments and town houses and their cats are often exclusively indoor in lifestyle and may feel threatened by an outdoor environment.

The convenience of our location is another factor to consider. A long drive out of town with your cat, before an equally long drive to the airport, may not appeal to you.  Some regional catteries or cat kennels do offer pick up from city vet surgeries. This could mean more transit stress for your cat at an additional cost to you. In this circumstance, your cat will visit several locations from the confines of their carry case over the course of a long day as they travel a daily shuttle from the drop off vet to the regional cattery or cat kennel. This also means that you will have no chance to personally settle your cat into their boarding. Nor will you experience the true peace of mind that comes with seeing and sensing the environment and people you are entrusting your cat’s care to.

If you do decide to go with one of the very highly regarded out of town catteries or to a cat kennel we would recommend that it is exclusively for cats – not a mix of cats and (loud barking) dogs.

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Got another question about cat boarding with The Cattery Company?

Contact us on 03 9486 0863 to speak with a member of our Cattery Care Team.