DVM Placement Information

From the beginning of the DVM course at The University of Melbourne  (around 6 years ago) we were invited to participate in the EMS program for pre-clinical placement.  Our duty is to pass on our practical knowledge of looking after cats (and our wonderful clients) to students who may have little hands on experience. Over the years our procedures  have evolved and have been refined by 3rd / 4th year students and our vets to closely reflect/align with the theoretical intent of the course.  For us the motivation has been about giving back to a profession which has always been supportive of our ambitions and very generous with their time and expertise. It has also proven to be so rewarding, on so many levels.

“As part of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine studies at the University of Melbourne, students in the first two years have to do 3 months work in a range of animal industries.  Since early 2012 over 190 student placements of 1-4 weeks have been completed at The Cattery Company in Collingwood, with some students completing repeat placements.  It has been a great chance for students from a wide range of backgrounds to improve their expertise and understanding of cats under the guidance of cattery staff and a great chance for the cats to get some extra cuddles.”

Dr Stuart Barber, Coordinator Pre Clinical Extramural Placements, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science.

“Thank you for your ongoing support of our program and so many of our students. You are the “cat business of choice” for our students and I’m frequently astonished at the number of our students you take on placement – 62 students last year alone! Your support is greatly appreciated.”

Kate Gordon-Addison,  Extramural Coordinator, Faculty of Veterinary Science.

For DVM Students:

If you would like a placement here please email us indicating your preferred dates and we’ll take it from there. Be advised that we are strictly a non-scruffing facility. Amongst other skills you will learn the benefits of kindness, patience and gentle hands. This protocol distinguishes  us from many boarding facilities, we also believe – with the benefit of animal behaviorists input –  it’s also the right thing to do. We’ll also show you how important this skill is when you take those skills into clinical. You will also experience the joy and satisfaction of returning a cat under our care to their owner, a very gratifying experience relating to trust – it’s why we do it. Please also revise your lecture notes re diabetic, thyroid, respiratory & heart rate prior to your placement. Cheers Grant.